A Tradition of Caring


The mission of Mount St. Joseph Rehab Center is to provide quality care and service to our residents. The charisma of our home is to deliver care with compassion, love and understanding. We believe in the dignity, integrity and worth of all persons. At Mount St. Joseph Rehab Center we strive to improve or restore our residents’ quality of life and to help maintain physical, psychological, emotional and social functioning, as well as to assist in the closing of their lives with comfort and dignity.

Maintain Community

Five neighborhoods consisting of 20 residents create a close-knit feeling of community. Residents are served by many of the same nurses, staff and state tested nursing assistants on a regular basis. Residents share a dining area in their neighborhood and live among people requiring the same level of care and length of stay. These neighborhoods enhance privacy and security, improve communication among staff and make use of electronic charting for overall improved efficiencies.

Catholic Community

As an independent, not-for-profit Catholic facility, we have a holistic approach encompassing the mind, body and spirit of the individual. We serve our residents in a holistic manner—spiritually, physically and emotionally. We are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with licensed nurses and STNAs to provide compassionate care to our residents and patients with concern and understanding for family and friends.

Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Mark

The Sisters of St. Joseph of St. Mark, an independent Diocesan congregation, are bound together by their individual experience of call to be one with Christ. Nourished by liturgy, contemplative prayer and a simple community life, they strive to live faithful to the Gospel and faithful to the vision of their founder, sharing that Gospel and that vision with those to whom they minister.

In 1942 the Sisters purchased their current property at 21800 Chardon Road, and Mount St. Joseph was incorporated. The beginning was a labor of love. Through hard work and dedicated efforts, the Sisters raised sufficient funds to build the original nursing home by using the existing facilities on the grounds to cater banquets, weddings and dinners.

Building was completed in phases from 1958 through 1970 when the last phase was completed with a total of 100 licensed beds. After almost 70 years of service to our residents, another phase has begun with the completion of a state-of-the-art facility that will provide our residents with superior care in a home-like environment.

We thank our Heavenly Father for the many blessings bestowed on us, and we are especially grateful for the dedicated lay staff who help us maintain the high ideals, integrity and vision of the founder of Mount St. Joseph.