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Long Term Care

Welcome Home.

At Mount St. Joseph we realize that choosing a long- term care facility can be a difficult decision. Residents and families search for a home with exemplary medical care as well as auxiliary amenities that encourage a high quality of life. Mount St. Joseph uniquely meets these needs by providing quality round-the-clock care while serving as the resident’s home.

We are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with licensed nurses and nurse’s aides to provide  personal care to our residents and with concern and understanding for family and friends.

Our facility is equipped with technologically advanced equipment within a compassionate, home-like environment. Our private rooms provide a space that can be personalized by residents. Each neighborhood has a cozy dining area, bathing spa and fireside lounge.

Five neighborhoods consisting of 18 residents create a close-knit feeling of community. (One neighborhood is dedicated to short-term, skilled rehabilitation nursing.) Residents have many of the same nurses and staff, and live among people requiring the same level of care and length of stay. These neighborhoods enhance privacy and security, improve communication among staff and make use of electronic charting for overall improved efficiencies.


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